Li-f-e: Linux for Education 18.04.2 released

Li-f-e: Linux for Education based on Ubuntu MATE 18.04.2 x86_64/amd64 is available for download.

Comes with MATE 1.20.1, Linux 4.18.0-15-generic, Firefox 65, Libreoffice, and many applications suitable for education and home environment.


Get it from


New blog –

I have not been actively participating in openSUSE project for some time now, as a result there has not been much to blog about on openSUSE Lizards blog, there is a new blog at to blog about what I have been and will be up to with Li-f-e: Linux for Education project among other things. I am also now “Member Emeritus” of the openSUSE community due to lack of participation, so email address will no longer work, please use if you need to get in touch with me.

After almost a decade of bringing you Li-f-e: Linux for Education based on openSUSE, it is now based on Ubuntu MATE LTS releases. I hope to provide the same excellent user experience that you have come to expect. Download it from here. Reason for this change is mentioned in previous post and it’s discussion(lack of interest/time/skills by anyone for maintaining live installer). You can of course easily enable Education Build Service repository to install packages on standard openSUSE or use susestudio to create your own spin with Education packages.

To new beginnings…